OEM ODM L20 Hot and Cold Eye Massager

L20 hot and cold eye massager smart hot & cold cycle experience for eyes, we offer high-end eye massager OEM ODM service, get a free quote of L20 hot and cold eye massager now.
Product Highlights
Product features: hot compress, cold compress, air pressure, Bluetooth music, built-in music

1. Can be folded 180°, easy to carry
2. The product comes with built-in meditation music
3. Can use Bluetooth to play audio files
4. Use the Peltier effect of the thermoelectric material of the semiconductor sheet to heat and cool to realize hot compress and ice compress
5. Control the temperature of the product through the internal NTC element of the product to keep the temperature constant
6. There is NTC component failure detection to prevent NTC failure from burning the skin
7. Cold and hot smart cycle experience
8. Intelligent cycle multi-layer air bag kneading and pressing

Lead Time

Quantity(Pieces) 1-2000 >2000
Est. Time(days) 35 Negotiable

Product Name: Hot and Cold Eye Massager
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 3.5W
Charging current: 900mA
Ice compress somatosensory temperature: 19.5℃+/-1℃
Hot compress temperature: 38℃+/-1℃
Battery capacity: 2500mAh
Charging time: 3.5-4 hours
Product size: 210*115*80mm
Product weight: about 445g
Packing size: 187*187*87mm
Packing quantity: 20PCS/box

L20 hot and cold eye massager details

Hot and cold compress

Hot and cold compress

  • A constant warm compress (104℉±1.8℉), adopts thermoelectric effect technology, safe and effective way to relieve puffiness, pinkeye, eye pain, migraines and eye strains.
  • A constant cold compress (67℉±1.8℉), improve eye circulation and to reduce eye fatigue, dark circles, helpful for dry eyes.

L20 Hot and Cold Eye Massager 003
Air pressure massage: The device uses gentle pressure to massage the eyelids, temples, and under-eye areas. The air pressure can create a pulsating or compressing sensation around the eyes, can help stimulate blood flow and provide a gentle massage to the eye area.

L20 Hot and Cold Eye Massager 005

One button control

L20 Hot and Cold Eye Massager 006

Rechargeable battery, large capacity, type-C charging

Product Video

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