The Most Comfortable Eye Massager To Date


Can you imagine what would happen if an eye massager included hot compress, cold compress, and 3D vibration massage? I will call it the most comprehensive and comfortable eye massager ever!

Eye massager potential benefits

Every single eye massager will be expected to achieve the following potential benefits, including:

Relieving eye strain and fatigue: Regular use of an eye massager can help reduce eye strain and fatigue caused by extended periods of reading, screen time, or other visually demanding activities.

Reducing dark circles and puffiness: An eye massager can help improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage around the eyes, which may help reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Alleviating headaches: Eye strain and tension can lead to headaches, and an eye massager can help alleviate these symptoms by providing gentle massage and relaxation.

Improving sleep quality: Some eye massagers come with additional features such as heat therapy and soothing music that can help promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

Promoting relaxation and reducing stress: The gentle vibration and massage provided by an eye massager can help promote relaxation and reduce stress levels.

However, not every type of eye massager could have achieved those benefits, because eye massage should be a comprehensive massage process, (hot)heat therapy, (cooling)cold therapy , pressing, etc. Just as with any other product, an all-encompassing eye massager is the optimal choice for maximum effectiveness.

The L90 is a great eye massager product, which offers the ultimate experience of soothing heat therapy, refreshing cold therapy, and invigorating vibration massage.

Smart temperature control system

A smart temperature control system for an eye massager is an intelligent system that uses sensors and algorithms to maintain a comfortable and optimal temperature during an eye massage. Eye massagers are devices that use heat and/or vibration to relax the eye muscles, relieve eye strain and fatigue, and improve blood circulation around the eyes.

Smart temperature control system

A smart temperature control system for an eye massager can enhance the effectiveness of the massage by maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature. Smart temperature control systems for eye massagers can also learn from experience and improve their performance over time. They can identify patterns in temperature fluctuations and adjust the temperature to provide the most effective massage. They can also take into account external factors, such as the ambient temperature and humidity, to optimize performance.

Heat therapy

Heat therapy

L90 eye massager built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature between 104 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit(40℃-42℃), improve eye circulation and to reduce eye fatigue, dark circles, helpful for dry eyes.

Cold therapy

Cold therapy

L90 eye massager adopts thermoelectric effect technology, 3s fast cooling, and then maintain control and keep a constant cold compress (67℉±1.8℉) . Safe and effective way to relieve puffiness, pinkeye, eye pain, migraines and eye strains.

Heat and cold cycle therapy

Heat and cold cycle therapy

This is the graph of temperature change in hot and cold cycle mode. Heating and cooling by semiconductors and it adopts thermoelectric effect technology ( known as Peltier effect). Whether it cold or hot, and how quickly it cooling and heating, depends on the direction and magnitude of the current passing through it.

Vibration massage

3D Vibration massage

L90 allows for precise manipulation of the 12 contacts vibrating at high frequency, simulating the gentle and soothing sensation of spa fingering to relax the delicate eye area. The contacts are designed to mimic the sensation of skilled fingers, delivering targeted and controlled pressure to key acupressure points around the eyes. This helps to stimulate blood flow, relieve tension, and promote relaxation, leaving the eye area feeling refreshed and revitalized.


usb c charging battery l90

The inclusion of a built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable battery and USB type-c charging port in this eye massager enhances its portability, convenience.

The L90 eye massager offers the perfect combination of therapeutic heat, cooling relief, and invigorating vibration massage. This is unequivocally the most comprehensive and comfortable eye massager to date!

L80 Heat and Cooling Eye Massager

Enhance your product line with our premium L80 Eye Massager featuring cutting-edge heat and cooling technology. Contact with us for customized OEM and ODM options.

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